ELYONA is founded in 2010 in London England, and Seoul Korea at the same time in the heart of dual cities.

Ever since its launch, ELYONA has participated in the world’s prestige exhibitions and tradeshows. Premiere Classe Tuileries at Paris Fashion Week, The Savoy London presentation at London Fashion Week, Rooms Tokyo, and Seoul Fashion Week.

As an Art Jewellery, it has also been exhibited at fine art fairs and galleries around the world. As a Fashion Jewellery, it has been recognised by international press and celebrities around the world.

The Creative Managing Director Leona was born in Seoul Korea, educated in North America, and pursued her self to study B.A.Hons Jewellery Design and Art Business at Central Saint Martins.

She started her career in the Marketing division at a luxury fashion house. When she began feeling resistance to tell her story cannot wait no longer, the brand was founded not just to be in a fashion scene, but as an art object.

Jewellery is a strong way to express oneself to others, and a self-statement of one’s identity, or an expression to the society. So each collection deals with various terms that we often forget as we live. It provokes self-esteem, knowing who we are, what is the purpose of being in a certain stage of the time, life.
The whole introspection process is through understanding the collection and wearing it on.