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    StarDust Necklace

    The B eginning and the End.

    Heaven and Earth.
    Hovering over the waters. Separation of light from the darkness.
    Vault between the waters. The Eastern Sky rises of the newly born Sun and Moon, and stars.
    The Time has awaken.
    Dark sky, high and terrible yet of a strange, deadly beauty.
    Immediately the sky became full of shooting stars.
    Even One shooting star is a fine thing to see: but these were dozens, and the scores, and then hundreds,
    till it was like silver rain: and it went on and on.”
    (Genesis, Revelation, the Last Battle from Chronicles of Narnia)

    This Collection is inspired from Genesis, Revelation, and Chronicles of Narnia’s the Last Battle.
    They all describe the universe’s last moment and how it has created and it will be ended.
    The beauty of creation is omnipotence, but when the Last comes, it is deadly horrible yet it describes the new beginning.
    Simple but delicate imagination was developed into design.
    Sleek geometrical shapes were simply arranged but at the same time organic.
    7 stones, 12 stones set are all meaningful for Israeli’s belief of perfect numbering.
    Rectangular Zircons were used and reverse set is to give differentiation.

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